Friday, January 18, 2013

Hou's On First

OK, She's not in first place, but Hou Yifan, the 17 year old former Women's World Champion scored her first win of the ongoing Tata Steel tournament today. She pulled out an exchange up endgame with good technique. I thought her final few moves were particularly instructive. Can you find the winning plan for black in the diagram position? The game is available here:

This hasn't been the only good game of the event. My particular favorites are World Champion Anand's quick, sacrificial win against a 2800 player ( and Harikrishna's mating attack in a theoretical Sicilian ( And of course, this being a modern day chess tournament, Magnus Carlsen is leading ahead of all of these players.

I'm heading to New York for the long weekend. Not sure if I'll get a chance, but I'm hoping to stop by the Marshall Chess Club, perhaps the most famous chess clubs in the Country.

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